Our top 5 resolutions for a brilliant communication strategy

1. Don't get fooled by the charm of AI

Those using AI most will have an advantage in the long run. But this does not mean AI is the holy grail. Here are 3 tips to make the best use of AI in communication:

- Don't rely on AI only for content creation. AI is a great tool to write more efficiently and effectively by drafting content structures and templates. However, for personalised and in-context content, rely on a human being, as AI content can be irrelevant to your audience and biased from an ethical perspective.

- Consider AI as a tool to start brainstorming sessions, not to replace them. Use AI to get fire-starter ideas to generate enthusiasm and creativity across your team rather than relying on entirely crafted concepts generated by AI. You will get more out of it.

- Elevate your speech with AI. In communication, both content and form matter. AI is a great tool to give you synonyms or elevated phrases to convey your message better. Use it as your own personal Oxford Dictionary!

2. Get media trained as often as you get your teeth checked

If AI can be an efficient tool to create content and structure, it is of little use when it comes to public speaking and answering media questions. Sam Donaldson once said: "The questions don't do the damage. Only the answers do". Crises occur whenever we least expect them, and it is essential to be properly prepared. If you haven't been media trained yet or your last training dates back longer than your latest dental appointment, it is time to get trained again ;)

3. Don't underestimate the impact of internal communication

According to the latest numbers available according to Forbes magazine, only 1% of a company's total budget is dedicated on average to internal communication. The under-investment in this area creates missed opportunities for business growth, as, according to Forbes magazine, good company culture can increase revenue by 4x! This year, take time to look critically at your internal communication team and strategy. Setting up a regular internal newsletter can benefit your teams, but there are many other ways to increase employee engagement.

4. Beware of greenwashing claims & continue to do well by doing good!

This new year will bring additional challenges regarding sustainable communication practices. A few months ago, the EU reached a provisional agreement to ban greenwashing and misleading ads across the territory. This new regulation will have a significant impact on the way companies communicate as generic environmental claims (such as "environmentally friendly", "natural", "biodegradable", "climate neutral", or "eco") used without proof of recognised excellent environmental performance relevant to the claim will be banned. Make sure your teams are aware.

5. Wy so serious? Embrace humour as a communication tool

After many bad buzzes, it is no surprise that companies are cautious when communicating to the public. Humour is, however, something that we strongly believe in at Brum Smith and that, when done right, can benefit your brand! According to Human8 Int's Gen Z Global Survey (2023)., 45% of Gen Z in Europe pay more for brands with a sense of humour and playfulness. Are you looking for some inspiration? Have a look at the examples from Ryanair, Cerave, or Make My Money Better.