The story.

Brum Smith is the name BBC reporters gave Bram Smets, founder of this small but aspiring PR agency, when he was on call as Eurostar's spokesperson back in 2009, when four Eurostar trains were stuck in the channel tunnel. Amidst the chaos and in the middle of the night, BBC reporters simply couldn’t get his name right. In the end, the trains got out of the dark tunnel, and fast forward to 2019, a new PR agency saw the light.

Brum Smith is a fully integrated communications agency specialised in public relations and media relations. We work with the best people out there, whether it’s for social media, copywriting, video production or whatever else to solve your communication issues. We think about how communication can best support you in achieving your business objectives, as that's why you're actually doing communication, right? We don't think in silos, but consider communication holistically, starting with solid strategic thinking. Looking at a broad variety of media channels, such as public relations, social media, influencers, websites and blogs, to implement ideas so we can offer you a maximum return on investment.

Our mission.

To help you 
communicate more strategically and more holistically. Offering solid strategic advice and flawless execution. Thinking not in channels, but in communication solutions that help to achieve your business objectives.

Who's who.

Bram Smets


43 years old, proud father of Jozefien and cycling fanatic, Bram launched Brum Smith to help organisations communicate more strategically. His main driver is to offer strategic communications advice which supports companies in achieving their business objectives.

Ketchum's former Business Unit Director and Eurostar’s ex-spokesperson is a seasoned public relations & communications consultant. He looks at communication challenges from a holistic/integrated perspective, thinking in terms of solutions and ideas, and not in channels.

Bram knows the Belgian and international media landscape like the back of his hand and has lots of crisis communications expertise. He has given media and public speaking training to more than 100 executives and has worked with organisations from a wide range of industries, including technology, healthcare, hospitality, banking and financial services.

+32 478 61 95

Leslie Buyle

Partner & co-owner

36 years old, proud mom of Jozefien and passionate about cooking, reading and cycling, Leslie joined Brum Smith in 2020. Leslie is a seasoned communication professional, with a broad expertise in social media, online reputation management and crisis & issues.

She’s an ex-spokesperson for Infrabel, the Belgian railway infrastructure company, where she managed the CEO's online reputation and built the company's social media strategy.
Her main driver is to offer holistic strategic communications advice to clients, based on solid insights and analytics. Leslie is known for her perseverance, eye for detail and strategic thinking.

+32 498 67 46

Ziggy Eloot

Project Manager

25 years old, proud third of triplets and a true sports addict passionate about football, cycling and American football, Ziggy is Brum Smith’s newest team member. Ziggy was our intern for three months before completing his studies at the Artevelde University of Applied Sciences in Ghent, where he received a Bachelor's degree in Communication Management.

This energetic young man is taking his first professional steps with us and as him, we are very excited. He is a communication creative in graphic work, with an excellent pen that gets ink flowing for both short and long copy. With Ziggy's addition, three musketeers now cross the proverbial swords for Brum Smith.

+32 479 67 46