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6 July 2023

Opening event Silversquare Antwerp Tower 🎉

The first ever coworkingspace of in Flanders, the Balgian expansion is real!


28 June 2023

Golden tip: Anticipate silly season!

The silly season ('komkommertijd' for the Flemish-speaking readers) is almost upon us, a time when people seek rest and vacation.
However, the news cycle keeps on going. So use the summer months to get your stories out.

Why? Click and find out...

2 May 2023

Our coworking enthusiasm has a new home

Right next to the Alost train station, perfectly located between Ghent and Brussels, we recently started coworking at HIER, the house for entrepreneurs. A cosy place where we were warmly welcomed by the whole team. It's the perfect place to meet interesting professionals, be it at the coffee machine or at the spaghetti lunches. Merci HIER!

#pragency #growth #networking

8 February 2023

Full-page interview for Anatis in Le Soir

Great article about Anatis, our client active in the wastewater treatment industry, with a full-page interview featuring Raphael Anciaux and François-Xavier Geubel. Nice example of how we leverage media relations for our clients. 🚀


1 February 2023

New employee on the block.

As our client base continues to grow with partners such as Airbus, Mars, and Sotheby's, additional reinforcement is in place. We are therefore very pleased to introduce our newest team member, Fien, as Project Manager.

A background in communications and copywriting, coupled with a tonne of enthusiasm, is the perfect mix to take on Brum Smith's challenges. She enjoys being abroad, having already checked Mexico, Cuba, and a full year in Australia off her checklist.


30 January 2023

Take a look at our 2022 recap

2022 proved to be an amazing year for us. We have not been quiet over the past twelve months and have a lot of 'news' to share.

New projects, new clients, new colleagues… And a lot of fun! 😃 Let's take a look at what the Brum Smith year looked like!


26 January 2023

Healthy collaboration for Foodmaker app launch 🚀

What a day! Launch of the @foodmaker Pro App + collaboration with the @alpecindeceuninck performance team + healthy food in a cool place. Triple combo!

It was a pleasure to listen to @lievenvanlommel from @foodmaker, and cyclists @jasperphilipsen & @ceylinalvarado rounded out the press event with their presence and experiences with the app.

The nutrition app is designed to give top athletes more peace of mind by eliminating choice overload. And the media picked up on it too! What a successful collaboration, followed by a lot of enthusiasm to get on the bike ourselves.

21 December 2022

Workshop with a new client to end the year

We've been working with our new client Lineas for a few months now and ended the year with a strategic workshop. Always a pleasure to have talented and motivated comms people in the room. We are looking forward to working together for the years to come, Annelies Hervent!

16 December 2022

Bram lets students of the AP Hogeschool Antwerpen sweat as a tough jury member

That time of year again. Bram Smets had the honour of being part of the jury at his former school AP Hogeschool Antwerpen. Students had to present crisis communication cases during a fake press conference. Bram got to play the critical journalist. Always a pleasure to be part of this yearly exercise for upcoming PR talent!

8 December 2022

Press event for BVI.EU to start of works in Rhisnes

Namur was on the agenda yesterday in a week brimming (or brumming 😉) with work moves, with Leiden on Monday and Brussels the day before yesterday. Our partnership with BVI.EU led us to Rhisnes for the press event to inaugurate the start of work on a new project. In the run-up to and at the event itself, we assisted Ann De Vleeschauwer and Peter Luyten in keeping everything on track press-wise. Special thanks to her for the smooth cooperation. Always a pleasure!

7 December 2022

Brum Smith climbs into the saddle for Kom op tegen Kanker 🚵🏼

Life is a climb, but the view is great!

Instead of getting PR work done for charities behind the scenes as we do regularly, the time has come for us to step out of the shade.

We will engage in ‘De Col op’, a first-time cycling initiative of Kom op tegen Kanker, to collect money for scientific cancer research. Sport (and cycling) runs through our veins, so it’s time we crack a sweat for a good cause. On September 9th of next year, we will climb a mountain of 1st category (Col de Saisies) in the French Alps, symbolising the struggle people with cancer face every day to overcome the disease.

We can’t do this alone, so we need your help. We must collect no less than 6.000 euros to participate in this endeavour.Are you inspired by our commitment to a good cause, and do you want to support Kom op Tegen Kanker? You can use this link to give us a helping hand to overcome the steep French Alp.

2 December 2022

Beware of (digital) pickpockets!

Febelfin launched a campaign this week to raise awareness among young people and their parents about the dangers of cybercrime. LDV United did the creative part, and we did our magic by getting the story told in the media. A solid PR strategy, strong copywriting skills, and intensive pitching with our broad network of journalists generated massive media coverage in print, online, radio and TV on both sides of the country.

Thanks to LDV United and Lotte Van Heddegem for the fantastic teamwork!

28 November 2022

Full-page interview for Gentis Recruitment in De Tijd

An interview worth reading with Farid El Machaoud and Stéphanie Reniers 🍀 from our client Gentis Recruitment in De Tijd last Friday.

Our partnership is starting to bear fruit.

18 November 2022

Brum Smith & Mortierbrigade join forces for a good cause

For a good cause, such as @vluchtelingenwerkvl we will gladly go the extra mile!

Special thanks to @anneleenvv and @emmarobberechts of @mortierbrigade for their lovely teamwork.

Always a pleasure 🤗

8 November 2022

New client alert!

We have started working with a few new organisations recently. Gentis Recruitment is one of them. One of Belgium's leading independent recruitment agencies and full-service talent management companies. Growing at a steady but impressive pace in Belgium and abroad, this company is an excellent example of how a strong company culture fosters entrepreneurship. So happy to be supporting this local hero with PR and communications.

Farid El MachaoudStéphanie Reniers 🍀Hassane Lhasnaoui

7 November 2022

Kicking off the week with a healthy meal

Healthy Monday lunch at our client @foodmaker today. Supporting them with PR for more than two years now.

21 October 2022

Aviko opens most modern fries factory of Europe in Poperinge, West Flanders 🥔 ➡️ 🍟

Yesterday, our client Aviko officially opened its high-tech fries factory in Poperinge. It was an exciting and busy day for our team. We had been working towards this event for the past two months, with some excellent news coverage. National and regional TV, radio, print & online coverage! It was an absolute pleasure working with the team at Aviko and Karin Saalmink, in particular, since we asked for a lot of flexibility and transparency from them. But in the end, it paid off well.

14 October 2022

Energy friendly renovation for a social housing project in Halle, Brussels

The energy crisis has been a regular theme in the news for months. An extra reason to pay attention to companies trying to counter high energy prices, such as Knauf Energy Solutions. They recently took on a social housing estate in Halle and renovated no fewer than 188 homes to make them more energy efficient. We helped them get justified media coverage by pitching the story extensively to the media with some very nice results. Obviously, we also drafted the press release and the media invitation, and we did so in a very short time frame.

29 September 2022

Kevin joins Brum Smith!!

We are thrilled to announce that Kevin Scheers will join our team next week. He is a long-time friend and a former colleague of Bram Smets with tons of experience in public relations and communications. Kevin's mother tongue is French, and he's perfectly bilingual. A real 'Brusseleir', quoi. Passionate about sports and always in for a beer and a nice dinner, he's the ideal man to complete our team 😁

Welcome, Kevin! Let's rumble!

20 September 2022

Today is National Telework Day 💻 🏠

We are a flexible agency, which plays to our advantage in the competitive communications landscape. Similarly, we are flexible in the physical environment in which we operate. But most of the time, we unleash our Brum Smith magic from our home offices. We pay tribute to these 'four walls' between which we fill our working hours. Enjoy the sneak peek behind the scenes of Brum Smith!

26 August 2022

Opening Green Business Park Woudpark in Genk

Another great event for our client @_bvi.eu_ yesterday, with some amazing media coverage as a result.

Congrats to the entire team with Green Business Park Woudpark in Genk.

10 August 2022

Ziggy celebrates his first anniversary at Brum Smith! 🎉

On behalf of the entire team, we would like to congratulate him.
Congrats @ziggyeloot!

28 June 2022

Triple Living meets Bart De Wever

Another great event with our client @tripleliving this morning. The start of the construction of @aphogeschool’s hightech campus in the presence of @bartdewever1 and many more.

24 June 2022

Full pager in HLN for Kruidvat's 30th birthday!

Articles like this make us cheer so loudly.

Kruidvat is a fantastic client and a company with a strong legacy. Explained here by Managing Director of Kruidvat Belgium Bert Verhoef in Het Laatste Nieuws. Congratulations to Kruidvat Belgium on 30 years!

23 June 2022

Sparks meeting is officially open!

Yesterday we attended the official opening of Sparks meeting, an incredibly nicely designed space for meetings. Centrally located just off Brussels central station. Cofounder and manager Martin Vanderborght gave a great speech and the evening was just awesome. Congrats to the entire team Monia Chatzipanagiotis Axel Kuborn Alexandre Ponchon 🎉🎉🎉

17 June 2022

Bobex acquires Verbouwkosten BV

Another local hero we're proud to support with PR. Bobex is one of the rare Belgian internet success stories and they deserve some visibility, don't you think? Congrats with the acquisition of Verbouwkosten BV, Jean-Louis Van Marcke and team.

15 June 2022

Frontpage news in Wallonia!

Last week we had two press events on one day, with excellent coverage afterward. One of the events was for BVI.EU, a client that has been with us from the start. They made it onto the front page of Les Editions de l'Avenir with the build of their newest project in Nivelles.Congrats to them on the new project!

13 June 2022

Giant mushroom forest

Believe it or not but this giant mushroom forest is part of a coworking space, Silversquare North in Brussels, to be exact. Like the rest of the coworking space, the forest was imagined by Lous and the Yakuza. Creative jack-of-all-trades Lars De Valk and his team worked for months to breathe life into the artwork. The stunning result is almost unbelievable! This work of art must be seen, so we teamed up to organise a press event that resulted in a lot of nice coverage.

18 May 2022

Kurt and Bram, 10 years in the making

Who says media training at Brum Smith says, Kurt and Bram. Kurt Heyndrickx is our trusted cameraman who's been assisting Bram Smets with training for more than ten years. Up to ten more!

13 May 2022

Fridges can be saunas for the climate!

The last few days we gave our best for a good cause: the climate. We helped Recupel generate media coverage about the need to better recycle your fridge. National and regional news media massively spread the news, which is good for Recupel and for the climate! And the fake sauna at Brussels Central station got quite some attention yesterday!

6 May 2022

Adiós, Rachely!

It’s that time of the year again…

We have to say goodbye or even better, adiós, to our dearest intern Rachely. Your arrival was influential from the get-go. The language of communication within the team changed from Dutch to English, which proved to be challenging at times, but mainly led to hilarious conversations that spilled over into German, Spanish and Italian. In time, you showed more of your Cuban flavour and could light up a room with your broad smile.We sincerely want to thank you for the three months you were with us, Rachely!

We wish you wholehearted success in school, in the work field and in life in general. There is still a lot to come for you, so take it with both hands and that big smile of yours.

Many greetings and all the best from los amigos de la relaciones públicas!

4 May 2022

Congratulations be•at with your new name & rebranding!

Congratulations to BE•AT with its new name and its new looks. We helped the biggest Belgian player in venue management with message development, media training the team, and getting the story in the media. Proud to be part of this. The picture on the roof of Sportpaleis is just awesome, isn't it?

13 April 2022

📣 We're members of the IARCC

We have become a member of the International Association of Risk and Crisis Communication (IARCC). We are excited and look forward to getting inspired by and learning from our peers. We are experts in crisis communications ourselves, but it’s never too late to learn.
Have a look at our crisis management offering here.

23 March 2022

Silversquare North opening

Yesterday we had a fantastic day at Silversquare North, the newest coworking location of our client Silversquare, designed by Lous and The Yakuza.
The (rising) star herself gave a preview of the interior to a selection of national media. We were blown away by the design and had great fun.

We will keep you posted on the outcome!

8 March 2022

📣 New client(s) alert

We started 2022 with a bang: we've won no less than 5 new clients in the past two months.

▪ A pharmaceutical company: public affairs, PR and crisis communications
▪ A Belgian player in the entertainment sector: media relations
▪ A start-up in the e-bike world: media relations
▪ A Belgian company specialised in the pre-treatment of water: strategic communications
▪ And we started a corporate PR program for a leading international retailer

This is only possible thanks to the hard work and dedication of our team and the partners we work with.

We are very excited about these new projects and look forward to working together.

18 February 2022

BVI.EU at the Richtfest in Essen

We are delighted for BVI.EU, one of our first clients, for their successful press event in Germany on the occasion of Richtfest in Essen. We got excellent press coverage thanks to our PR wizard in Berlin, Eileen Geibig.

Until now, we’ve been doing lots of PR work for BVI.EU on both campaign and corporate level. The majority in Belgium at both sides of the language barrier, and recently in France and Germany as well.

And we are twice as excited (and proud!) because Brum Smith has gone international. We are fortunate to be able to rely on an international network of partners with lots of experience and expertise.

7 February 2022

Meet our newest intern, Rachely!

Rachely will do her internship with us until May, to learn the ins and outs of the wonderful world of PR and communication.

She's Cuban and used to be a primary school teacher in her home country.

Welcome to the team Rache’! We hope you will have the most interesting time.

And in the meantime, we promise to dust off our Spanish!

4 February 2022

Never stop learning!

Thanks to Lieve Degelin, we had a great MBTI session earlier this week. She helped us to discover how to complement each other in the future by comparing our personality types, revealing strengths and working points.
If we can work better as a team, we can work even better for our clients, and that’s what it’s all about!

6 October 2021

Foodmaker's farm visit for Het Laatste Nieuws

Today we organised a visit to Foodmaker’s vegan farm for a journalist and photographer of leading Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws. Bio farmer Mark grows ginger, curcuma, sweet potatoes and lots of other herbs and vegetables exclusively for our client Foodmaker.
He’s the first to receive the bio cyclical vegan farming label in Belgium.

15 September 2021

Foodmaker Rogier opened today

Our client Foodmaker has opened a new restaurant in Brussels today. Foodmaker Rogier is the first one in partnership with Delhaize Belgium as franchise.
We at Brum Smith help Foodmaker to get this kind of news in the media.