Public affairs
Media relations

We regularly work with market research companies to shed light on current issues and obtain relevant statistics. We strive for high-quality media coverage to highlight issues in society. Kruidvat’s aim is twofold: not only to educate the public, but also to ensure that policy makers are aware of the importance of affordable healthcare.

By distributing our press releases widely, but also targeting the right journalists with exclusive interviews, we created widespread awareness with articles in La Libre, La DH, RTBF, on the HLN website, Trends, Flair NL /FR, and many others.

How did we achieve this? By using numbers and newly created research, because:

- Figures make your content more engaging and memorable for readers.

- Figures provide a tangible representation of data, helping to support claims, demonstrate trends, and strengthen the credibility of the information being shared

- Figures can break down complex concepts into easily digestible snippets, effectively conveying key messages and facilitating a deeper understanding of the subject matter.