Foodmaker - Healthy food beyond borders

Media relations

Foodmaker's next ambitious goal is to conquer the German market and anchor itself in REWE supermarkets. We supported that PR campaign.

Foodmaker, a well-known healthy restaurant chain and producer of ultra-fresh meals, has established its brand with 19 shops in Belgium and a significant presence in Delhaize supermarkets. Outside its home territory, Foodmaker has also ventured into the Netherlands and in France. Foodmaker's next ambitious goal is to conquer the German market and anchor itself in REWE supermarkets in North Rhine-Westphalia in order to make healthy food accessible to as many people as possible.

We were asked to support their PR campaign for the launch of Foodmaker in Germany. We know how important the local connection is for a successful launch, that's why we worked together with PR agency ‘Alle Vögel fliegen hoch’ to ensure the campaign was tailored to the German audience.

All good things come in threes, including this PR strategy:

- The creation and distribution of a press release that not only announced the launch but also communicated Foodmaker's vision for health and freshness in the German food scene.

- Personalised pitches to various journalists in the food and beverage sector, aligning Foodmaker's market entry with the latest food trends and demands in Germany.

- Leveraging our extensive network of contacts in the food industry, built up through years of dedication and expertise, facilitates introductions and engagements that might otherwise have been challenging.

The campaign achieved coverage in major trade and consumer publications, crucial in shaping opinions and trends within the food industry. Furthermore, collaboration with food and lifestyle influencers amplified the reach, engaging a diverse audience.

Of course, we also took care of Foodmaker’s national publicity in Belgium, securing features in retail-focused magazines Gondola and RetailDetail, business newspapers De Tijd and L'Echo, and leading Flemish & Walloon newspapers. The campaign's influence was further solidified by coverage in key food & beverage media.