BVI.EU - Green Business Park Nivelles Nord

Media relations
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BVI.EU, a renowned developer of mixed-use business parks, SME units and build-to-suit buildings, has consistently delivered exceptional projects for over two decades. This case study highlights the importance of strategic public relations (PR) in maximising media exposure and maintaining strong relationships with key media players in the Brabant Wallon region.

- Background: After the successful completion of the Nivelles-Sud project in the southern part of Nivelles, exactly one year later BVI.EU laid the foundation stone for the Green Business Park Nivelles Nord, a revitalising project for the northern part of the city.

- Strategic approach: We used the good relationships we had built with the media in our past projects. We sent a detailed press release to journalists in Brabant Wallon and to real estate journalists in general and invited them personally to the event.

- Results: We concluded the campaign with prominent coverage in L'Avenir, Sudpresse La Capitale as well as valuable airtime on Radio Antipode and TV on RTBF and Tvcom.

- Key findings: In addition to a compelling and relevant narrative, it's important to build solid relationships with the media. Several times a year we support new real estate projects and in this way maintain relationships with journalists who are interested in this area.