Media relations
Media training

BVI.BE, the Belgian pioneer of SME and business parks, wanted to create awareness and visibility for a new business park in Wavre in Wallonia. Despite a first brief on achieving local media coverage, we were actually able to generate qualitative coverage on a national scale. An excellent example of the impact of our journalistic approach.

By interviewing our client and story mining the information, we knew we had a story that deserved more than merely local media attention. On top of massive media coverage in local media, we generated national media coverage, such as an in-depth article in Trends, the leading Belgian business magazine, La Libre Immo and Kanaal Z. The articles were a great success both in terms of quantity and quality: all key messages were represented with a powerful title that was high on our wish list. The achievement of articles that were completely on message was no coincidence: it was the result of an in-depth story mining and media training session with BVI.BE's founder and CEO, which helped them to outline the story and guide the interview in the right direction.