APAQ-W - Consumer barometer

Media relations

Apaq-W, the Walloon agency for agricultural promotion, launched an awareness campaign to promote Walloon milk and wanted to maximise the campaign's impact through media attention. They approached us with a survey measuring the perception of Walloon consumers: how could they translate their findings (images, behaviours and habits around milk) into captivating media stories and elevate the profile of Walloon milk?

Instead of simply presenting another survey result, we came up with a creative solution: The Walloon Milk Consumption Barometer. This provided an engaging, easy-to-understand visualisation mapping milk's perception in Wallonia. We created a strategic press release for APAQ-W around the barometer, focussing on the key findings of the survey. By positioning the barometer as a tool for understanding consumer sentiment and behaviour, we provided the media with a ready-to-use narrative that was both informative and engaging.

Our strategic approach generated significant media coverage in the French-speaking part of the country. The news was picked up by the country's leading media, online/print, but also on TV and radio. RTBF News, Antenne Centre and Boukè all paid attention to our campaign and even included videos of Apaq-W’s original advertising campaign in their coverage. Morning radio also reported on the campaign on VivaCité and RTBF. The Walloon milk consumption barometer was thus firmly anchored in the media, resulting in over 20 press articles in national media.

This corresponds to a total of 4,836,726 viewers, listeners and readers.

Are you curious about the results of the barometer? Read the press release