Brum Smith PR agency moves to Silversquare North: discover our new office

We are thrilled to announce that Brum Smith has relocated to our new offices at Silversquare North! This move marks an exciting chapter in our journey, offering us a dynamic environment that enhances creativity and collaboration.

Why Silversquare North is Special

Silversquare North, located in the Quatuor building in Brussels' northern district, is the ninth and largest coworking space by Silversquare, the pioneering coworking network in Belgium. Spread across 8,000 square meters and four floors, Silversquare North offers an impressive 800 workstations, making it the largest coworking space in the capital.

What sets Silversquare North apart is its enchanting interior, designed by the rising star Lous and The Yakuza in collaboration with Silversquare's architects. Inspired by a fairy tale written and illustrated by Lous, the space features a mesmerising mushroom forest, a patio garden, and a gallery of drawings that immerse visitors in a magical world far removed from the everyday business routine.

Why We Love It

Ideally located in the heart of the city, Brum Smith is just steps away from the train station! Our vibrant new neighbourhood offers fantastic options for lunch and drinks, perfect for those midday breaks. Plus, we’ve got a pingpong table to keep the energy high and the camaraderie strong, as well as fitness room to keep us in shape. Most importantly, this central location places us right where we belong – in the capital, close to our clients and institutions. It's the ideal spot to attract and retain top talent from across the country. Welcome to the new Brum Smith, where opportunity and excitement meet!