Mars - Take Your Dog To Work Day

Media relations

Surely you're no stranger to the iconic Mars Belgium brands. M&Ms®, Snickers®, Twix®, Mars®, Balisto®, Bounty®, Ben's Original™, Pedigree®, Cesar®, Frolic®, Whiskas®, and Sheba®. But did you know they've been a pioneer in pet-friendly offices for over two decades?

To celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day on 23 July 2023, we've initiated a PR campaign to highlight the various benefits of having our furry friends in the workplace.

Market exploration

To gain insight into current perceptions and attitudes towards dogs in the workplace, we worked with iVox to develop a questionnaire. This survey was then distributed in Belgium, Switzerland and Austria.

At the same time, we gauged the interest of Belgian journalists on this fascinating topic. Our approach wasn't only to share the results of our survey, but also to offer interview opportunities with Mars to make the story more interesting. We reached out to corporate, HR, lifestyle, and pet-care media, covering all bases.

The narrative

Guided by the responses of 1000 Belgians, we wrote a press release about the results. The press release was enriched with quotes from trend analyst Herman Konings, director of AAP vzw Joke Decru and scientific insights from Dr Joni Delanoeije, a researcher at KU Leuven. These high-profile contributions made our story more scientific and credible.

The impact

The campaign resulted in extensive coverage. A total of 23 articles were published online and in print media and discussed on radio, reaching an estimated audience of 3.9 million people.

In this way, we were able to create engaging, research-based PR content that resonated with both the media and the public, helping Mars to communicate its message effectively.