Flemish Government - We Zien U Campaign (3rd wave)

Media relations

On April 12, 2024, Hotel Hungaria and the Flemish government launched the 3rd wave of the "We Zien U" campaign. For this final part of the campaign, Flemish Minister of Justice and Enforcement Zuhal Demir partnered with KRC Genk and Cercle Brugge for a groundbreaking event.

During their Champions’ Play-offs match on April 13, 2024, players made a profound statement. They replaced their names on their jerseys with those of sexual misconduct victims, sending a powerful and direct message to both perpetrators and victims: "We See You." This solidarity and empathy resonated deeply, amplifying the campaign's impact.

We were asked to create visibility in the press and supported with the following:  

1. Create and distribute a press release detailing the unique line-up and the broader goals of the "We Zien U" campaign.

2. Media outreach: We leveraged our extensive network to provide journalists with opportunities for impactful audiovisual footage and interviews with key figures.

The campaign achieved substantial media traction, generating nearly 30 media clippings in major national outlets (both in the country's North and South). Notably, it secured TV coverage on VRT News, significantly boosting the campaign’s visibility and impact.