Media relations
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BVI.EU has been a developer of mixed-use business parks, SME units & build-to-suit buildings for over 20 years. Their many years of experience recently extend beyond our borders as well. With projects in both France and Germany, they are introducing their green philosophy to Belgium's largest neighbouring countries and also two of the largest countries in Europe. BVI.EU does not hide its ambition to expand further in Belgium and beyond.

It is always nice to work for a passionate and ambitious client. It is contagious, it gives us energy, and it keeps us on our toes. For example, we had to professionalise our media policy in order to support the European expansion of BVI.EU in the French and German media. So far, we have a steady record of achieving good coverage for every project. Whether it's an announcement, completion, press event for the start of works or an (international) trade fair. We are always on hand in the local and national press in Belgium, France, and Germany.