Media relations
Media training

Aviko is Europe's market leader in potato products and among the world's top five potato processing companies. It has built an eight-hectare plant in the fields of West Flanders that produces more than enough fries to serve every Belgian a portion of fries every week. So it should be no surprise that this was one of the most intensive cases of 2022.

The project took about three months from start to finish, and the opening event of the new factory was the icing on the cake. Our influence ranged from media training to writing press releases, press invites, and pitches to journalists and accompanying them during the interviews at the event itself. But that wasn't all: we also played a supporting role in organising the event in the run-up. It was a very intensive and challenging project, which we mastered excellently, if we say so ourselves, together with the Aviko team. The topic made the front page of De Tijd, a page and a half in Het Laatste Nieuws, the news broadcasts of LN24, VTM Nieuws and Kanaal Z, among others, and was also heard on the podcast of De Tijd and Radio 2. We scored qualitatively and quantitatively, with 32 articles for a total reach of more than six(!) million Belgians.