Alzheimer Liga Vlaanderen - De Jaarlijkse Reminder

Media relations

Everyone knows that people with dementia are forgetful. But far fewer people know that they often feel forgotten. Want to know how we reached 6 million people by reminding them?

Together with creative agency Mortierbrigade, we ran a campaign for Alzheimer Liga Vlaanderen. Starting this year, they want to introduce ‘De Jaarlijkse Reminder’. An annual reminder to tie a knot in your handkerchief, scarf, shoelaces … on 21 September, World Alzheimer's Day. ... This simple gesture is a powerful symbol that we remember and stand by those who struggle with dementia.

Our approach to maximising the reach of this campaign was divided into two waves:

- A creative mailing to key journalists, media figures, politicians etc., complete with a press release, the campaign image with a heart-warming message and a symbolic.

This initiative was lauded by significant figures, including Federal Minister Frank Vandenbroucke and Flemish Minister Hilde Crevits, on their social profiles.

- Leveraging this initial success, we approached the media and offered them interviews with our campaign contacts and ambassador Dieter Coppens.

This resulted in extensive coverage across a wide spectrum: national radio stations such as Radio 1, Nostalgie, Radio 2 and Studio Brussel; TV news features on VRT at 1 pm and 7 pm; a feature on the youth channel ‘Karrewiet’; articles in prominent newspapers such as HLN, Het Nieuwsblad and De Morgen; and a comprehensive article on the website VRT NWS.

In conclusion, our campaign touched the hearts and minds of over 6 million readers, viewers, and listeners.